Books by Will Kemp



Books by Will Kemp include:


-      The Painters Who Studied Clouds (Cinnamon Press 2016)     

-      The Missing Girl (Cinnamon Press 2015)

-      Lowland (Cinnamon Press 2013)     

-      Nocturnes (Cinnamon Press 2011) 



His short story, The Day I Met Vini Reilly, won the Cinnamon Short Story Competition (2015); the subsequent anthology is named after his story, and was published by Cinnamon in 2016.



All four publications have now sold out.


Forthcoming books by Will Kemp include: 


  • In Another Life (Valley Press, 2023)
  • Not That Yellow, Vincent (Valley Press, 2024)



To order copies, go to the Valley Press website.